Feminism: What does an Illogical Indian think about it?

Feminism is no more merely a movement, or an ideology aiming at fighting for the social, cultural & equal rights for a woman. It is a rage among the people that aims more at taking out the joy of being a woman, especially when it is used in a misplaced manner.

To the very harsh objection by the people towards the Airtel Television Commercial where the woman maintains a strict composure as well as clear lines of communication with her employee, and towards the end of the advertisement she is seen cooking food for her husband who happens to be the same employee whom she was instructing to work late and wrap up a project.

How wrong can it be? Well, these are the maligned perceptions we carry about feminism. But to clear our minds, these malicious thoughts don’t say that an ambitious woman should be banned in the kitchen. Cooking is a hobby for many ladies, an escapade after a hard day at work. Surprisingly, for many females, kitchen happens to be their therapeutic zone at any point of a crisis. It makes them feel as if they bear a magic touch.

And, now back to the commercial, how terrible would it be for a woman to take care & cook for her husband, and be a boss to him back at their workplace. It is between the two people who are sharing this bond, and it clearly depends on them when it comes to maintaining the love & respect in the relationship.

Also, quite a few women out there have a supporting man who shares the same vision and understands her. So, indeed, as an add-on to the powerful women today, many of them are blessed with sheer luck too.

But, all in all, a salute to the lady power to be able to make it appreciable on her own steam. Hence, the power list is not only inclusive of the ones who run an enterprise or are a member of the board meetings but it encapsulates the entire range of young & veterans; glamorous & sedate; outspoken & mild-mannered.

The mantra of these powerful women is that they exercise their power in their area of their expertise, harness the opportunities coming their way, and aim at making lives better all around.

Ladies, you are unstoppable!  

2 thoughts on “Feminism: What does an Illogical Indian think about it?

  1. In the race for gender equality, some of these people have forgotten the beautiful side of being a woman: the capacity to nurture, to spread warmth, to multi-task (since most women are more ‘right-brained’ than men!!). Sometimes it is necessary to acknowledge certain strengths that women inherently have, instead of throwing away the baby with the bath-water !


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