Happiness is a priority, SCHEDULE IT!

What we do once in a while defines our hobbies & interest areas, but what we do everyday matters because accumulated assessment of those everyday activities of our usual routine define our lifestyle and personality.

If we don’t keep a check on our daily routines, we can easily convince ourselves of many things such as, ‘I eat lots of fruits & vegetables daily’, or ‘I get up early in the morning to go to gym’, and ‘each day, I write a minimum of five articles.’

“The key note is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities”

-Stephen Covey

Now, how to combat the art of loathing ourselves with such everyday fake achievements? There, the solution is to keep a daily Resolution Chart, where we can score ourselves and be honest in regard to our resolutions. Many of us wonder as to how helpful it is on a daily basis? Well, it does help a lot in improvising the lifestyle, daily routines, living patterns and habits. It helps one to be honest about what their daily routine actually looks like or they wish it looked like. So, when a person looks at what he/she has not been able to do in the past days about certain resolutions, they try and manage their schedule in an appropriate manner. This activity gives out a great happiness thought, if we are not negligent to learning it.                                                                                     

If we think about happiness, we instantly recall all the events worth celebration, the good-and-bad moments.  But, in the wake of realization, the real mantra behind maintaining the balance of the happiness chakra lies in focusing on the run-of-the-mill, ordinary routine. And the moreover reason to concentrate on our daily chores is that they have a huge influence on our happiness score.

When we sum up some of the daily activities such as, ‘having breakfast, taking shower, going to office, having common lunch with colleagues, writing (or if any other interest), indulging in wellness regimes, spending time with family & friends’, the key note we notice from these activities is quite shocking. Looking at the big picture of our daily activities makes us feel small as to our surprise there are quite few routines only in a person’s life. Sounds boring & monotonous, isn’t it?

That is how the rhythm of our lives are defined because as and when the scales of our daily routine falls towards the positive side, we find it easy enough to live well, but when the same scales tip towards the negative side, it becomes difficult to make it through a day.

We ought to start with our morning routines. So many people miss out on family breakfast, which as a result, becomes a reason of lack of communication. Hence, the aim, indeed, is to find the weak time spot in our daily routines – morning, evening, and night. Some people tend to switch jobs frequently or quit due to a bad commute. Instead, make a resolution to eradicate the problem and evaluate the problem so that you make use of that time. So, even if a problem of bad commute squeezes its way into your evening or morning routine, for say, then try to make that resolution count every time you are stuck in such a situation. Take it is as challenge, even the happiness counselors and therapists say that a bad commute is a happiness challenge every day and coming with alternatives such as listening to an educative audiobook or to your own jukebox, and if you happen to be travelling through public transport and you manage to get a good seating space where you can engage yourself into something creative or for a good cause, then you have already turned that challenge into an opportunity.

Basically, there is no deeper psychological theory to be applied here. The power line is to make a resolution and stick to it. Be honest about your progress and aim at improvisation. If failing to achieve or feel you have a tendency to forget looking at the chart after two days, then create reminders, a lot many alarms, and alerts about them on daily basis. Gradually, you will learn and inculcate a desire to complete those resolutions every day and soon, there will be more rooms for taking up new adventures, experimentation in the routine of a certain day will be a plus takeaway. And by the time, you will realize how organized and happy you have been feeling lately, you would telling the key note of prioritizing happiness to people around you.


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