A Memoir of Love, Hate & Chauvinism

Drowning in her ocean of pain, she feels broken and can only smell betrayal with every breath. Contemplation of the moments, some she lived happily and some in total wrath, is all she got left with her to live for now. When walking down the memory lane, she finds herself gloating with the feeling of being one of those lucky girls who found her love so young, and is wrapped in the arms of her so beloved-hero. But, with a twist in the tale, she got smacked right into her face with the harsh, and utmost cruel chauvinistic crap. Since then, burning in her agony every day & night yet enduring the pain, she lived with her not-so-beloved hero!

Days passed but time never did. She spent all her time contemplating her every action so  that it  does happens to be another mistake in the eye of the person co- existing in her life. She had to be answerable, in fact before even getting up from  the bed, she was supposed  to be ready with an explanation, even if it was for  using the washroom. Though, for the first  few months, like a decent, cultured lady, she followed all the goddamn rituals, traditions and  played by the book rule of living with a chauvinist.

But one day had to come when she  would succumb to every wound because by then she had almost put her body, mind, soul  and health on stakes. She almost forgot what she was like before meeting him. Her essence was lost. Pale, weak, dependent, emotionally fragile and a sad creature was all she had become in a year.

Many a times, she thought to flee away. But, thank God, she did not do it. Swear to God, she would have been dealing with a lot more worse. She somehow understood that this will  give him the BIG  GREEN card to ruin her character (he jumped the gun to shoot her in the  most disgraceful literary manner at any moment he felt something was not up to his  expectation or smelled betrayal, and never bothered about the truth). For a chauvinist, truth is whatever he sees, believes in and most of the times, one created by him simply for the sake of feeding his chauvinistic desires.

After year long tug-of-war and dealing with all the emotional, physical and psychological trauma; she finally tapped into her spiritual zone, through which she discovered her innate strength, and the zest to live (she was losing her mind, with every medical exam, she wanted to be diagnosed with something terminal). She remembers all the spots on her body where she got the bruises and the constant pain in her heart has drained all the emotions out of her, but what are the odds of living a life of her own steam without any beloved-hero to wrap her in his arms?

(Inspired by a True Story) 

……………………………….To be Continued 


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