Responsibility: A Great Power Within

Being a superior, or the master, or a grownup, or simply an adult is about responsibility. Every decision you take is ‘your’ decision, whether you like the consequences or not. You should be able to look into the face of the consequences and tell yourself that you did everything you could to avoid the worst case scenarios.

People mess up. Even the best of us do make mistakes. But that is what helps us evolve as a better person. Taking risks makes us vulnerable to errors. And sooner or later, we all have to find an answer to resolve those errors. The vulnerability does eventually gives rise to answerability, which in turn, though gradually, but makes us learn to take up the responsibility. This is how we grow. This is how we put in our best to restore the balance lost. However, the burning question is why do it? Why take responsibility for anything? Haven’t we all heard this million times, “Let the Universe take its own course of action. Things will eventually fall into their place.”

So does that mean, no matter what we do, the Universe will fix it and we get to walk away freely? No. There is an underlying mechanism which seems to be like a chain wherein certain aspects of human nature are linked to each other. Basically, they work on the ‘what you sow is what you reap’ mechanism. The Universe does know the correct course of action for every human being based on their intentions. The ones with pure intentions are served well.

But then, there are those who do not wish to take responsibility for anything or anybody. They play the blame game. They only keep justifying their intentions, fulfill their desires, and take decisions on an impulse or a crappy judgement. They are reluctant to listen to the inner voice that is screaming to guide them.

As a result of which, they keep repeating the same mistakes. Eventually, there is an absence of guilt. And when that happens, they start considering themselves beyond the realms of mortality and conscious. They become reckless when they intent for something. Unknowingly, they starting infusing disharmony, imbalance within themselves as well as the nearby surroundings.

As a matter of fact and with all due significance, we should understand that we are served with what we deserved. And, our intentions (what were they when we were wishing upon a star, speaking metaphorically) decide the fate of what we deserve. That is how the Universe takes its course of action. This is the best I have seen behind the underlying mechanism for the saying ‘things eventually falling in their place’.

You err on your intentions. You become vulnerable to all sorts of damages, evil energies, unfortunate times, bad health, etc. And when you realize you are under some threat, or pain. You start looking for an answer to resolve the error and put a stop to all the misery.

But the only solution you forget every time is to take the responsibility for your intentions, desires, and decisions in the first place.

quote___accept_responsibility_for_your_life_by_rabidbribri-d6859f2Once you understand the miraculous power of being responsible, you will feel and see the change, for good. However, it is natural to think of benefits. It is the human nature. So, I will give you one good reason to why you should do it? Absolution.

Yes. Absolution of your sins, of your bad past, of the damage done by others will help you make peace with all the conflict within you. It worked for me.

I put it in my prayers everyday to bless me with strength so that I can look at me in the mirror everyday proudly, take up the responsibility and spread peace.

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