I am Roopashree.  A graduate in Journalism & Mass Communication (year 2013). Okay! Enough of that. What’s the interesting part? Libra. Curious about human psychological anatomy. Green tea (first cup in the morning). Hot Chocolate. Red Lipstick. Vodka. Heels. Friends. Rain. Crazy lover of dogs & their puppies (Oh my god! they are shoo cute). Love the smell of a new book. Reading. Writing. Music (“fortississimo” meaning “very very loud”). Mountains. Shopping. Painting. Abstracts. Quotes. Dance in the morning (so refreshing). Emotional. Temperamental. Hate coffee (Ugh!). Routines. Winters. Hate hating. I hate less. Love more. Okay. Now read this.

A small excerpt of how I see life. Well, any game, let’s say a basketball game. It can have us all on the edge of our seats. Why? Because we associate ourselves with the game, we express ourselves through the different stages of feelings surfacing during the game. On a plain note, we put ourselves out in the open for a while, yet we never forget to keep our skeletons in the closet before walking down that path.

Games are all about the glory & pain. And then there are the more solitary games, the games we all play by ourselves everyday. The social games, the mind games. We use them to pass the time, to make life more interesting, to engage with other players, to evolve, to keep us motivated, to inject doses of enthusiasm each day, to distract us from what’s actually going on in our lives.

I would dare not say that you shouldn’t. You should. Totally. All work, no play – sounds boring. I would rather be dead, if I feel no adrenaline rush in my body.

I have no qualms playing solitude. It’s like an adventure to me. I look life like the snake & ladders (that’s silly, but it works that way for me) where I have infinite moments (similar to the blocks) and sometimes, life bites me so hard in the ass and I fall down but then I again pick up the pace and hopefully one fine day I reach the post (woohoo! 98.. 99… 100!). That becomes one of my glorious moments.

Life is short, that’s utter shit. Life is long, and everyday, if you are wasting daydreaming about your prince charming, or lazying around. You have already missed out on the fun. You lost it already.

So go ahead; argue with the rest; change rules; cheat a little; take a break; attend to your wounds and have no qualms. Play hard; play fast; play loose and free. Play as if there is no tomorrow. Play as if this is your only chance to freeze this moment. Don’t play for the win; it’s not whether you win or lose: it’s how you play the game right.

Life is not a spectator sport. Win, lose or draw; the game is in progress until you are knocked out. Whether you want it to be or not.


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