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No Time To Waste For “Living Happily Ever After”

We all remember the bedtime stories of our childhoods. The shoe that fit Cinderella; The frog who turned into a prince; Sleeping Beauty awakened with a kiss; Once upon a time; and then they lived happily ever after.

Fairy Tales. The stuff of dreams. The problem is, the fairy tales don’t come true. It’s the other stories that begin with dark and stormy nights and end in the unspeakable. It’s the nightmares that always seem to become the reality. The stories, filled with truth; pain; blood; lost time; hurt; happiness; births; deaths; reunions; departures; betrayal; friends; relationships; family; all of them inextricably intertwined. The stories of real people.

The person who invented the phrase ‘happily ever after’ should have his ass kicked so hard.

Once upon a time, or happily ever after. These are the stories we were told because they are the stuff of dreams. These are fictitious stories for the children who are being protected by their parents from the reality.  The sad part is that they do not realize that there is no time to  waste. Instead, they could have sowed some seeds of practicality, strength, and wisdom. Time
But I would rather prepare the naive ones about it. They should know the non-fictitious facts of life. Sooner or later, after spending some good long years on the face of this earth, they will learn the same. But in the most unprepared manner.

Reality is much stormier; much murkier; much scarier. Precisely when you lose track of time. When you are wishing upon a fairy tale; or waiting for to be awakened like the sleeping beauty with a kiss, you have wasted the time of your life. Reality is fun. Reality is painful. Reality is the unknown. Reality is so much interesting than ‘living happily ever after’.


‘She’ makes every moment count…

There’s this person in my head. She’s brilliant; capable; can steer through the patriarchal society in the most brave manner; can run a home  and an office without freaking out. She knows what she wants. She’s million things. She is a woman. A great one.

And, so, she knew by then, that there is a purpose to all the greatness. Otherwise, until that moment, she was a scattered, scared and perplexed being in herself. She was wrapped up in the intricacies about her body, relationships, society that she had lost track of the whole purpose.

However, in the face of all she could lose in a day, or in an instance, she wondered what the hell it is that is making her hold it together?

It is Optimism. Faith. Belief. Trust. Strength. Endurance. Determination. Knowledge. Wisdom. Perseverance. Commitment. Passion. Patience. Focus. Farsightedness. Realization. Yes, realization of the fact that she has to be willing to do whatever it takes to be the one calling the shots, or taking a chance, that may or may not do more damage and good. Because if she is not one of them then she has no business setting her foot in the big mean fat world in the first place.

So, she learned a truth, a beautiful one, about her. She understood that she has it all to make it, to really make it at whatever she does.

And that’s when she started to make every moment count and..